Intelligent Mobility
Design Centre

“We are delighted that Heveningham Concours offers an IMDC scholarship at the Royal College of Art. It is with the help of the Concours' scholarships that we are able to attract and support students to reach their full potential.”

Dr Paul Thompson

Vice Chancellor
Royal College of Art

“IMDC leads research at the intersection of people, mobility and technology within a complex and changing urban and global environment – acting as a catalyst for disruptive design ideas, multi-disciplinary projects, and problem-solving processes creating our new journey experiences. The Heveningham Concours Scholarship is vital in attracting the very best students from around the world to help us tackle the most pressing questions facing the future of the automotive industry”

Professor Dale Harrow

Chair & Director
Intelligent Mobility Design Centre
Royal College of Art

The Scholarship

Since its inception in 2016 Heveningham Concours has partnered with the Royal College of Art to offer a scholarship to a student undertaking the Intelligent Mobility masters degree. The Royal College of Art, based in London, is widely considered one of the best postgraduate art & design universities in the world.

Each year students are invited to apply for the scholarship place. The scholarship funds the course for a student that displays particular aptitude for automotive design and its place in our future world. Heveningham Concours is absolutely thrilled to be able to partner with such a remarkable institution and to help students to reach their potential in automotive design.

Charley Orr

My passion for design started with my passion for cars which I inherited from my grandfather. A retired mechanic, some of my fondest memories are of the times we would spend fixing one of his many projects or bringing one of my crazy ideas to life in scrap wood, an activity he had seemingly endless patience for.

My attention turned to the study of design through the influence of Peter Stevens, whose advice proved pivotal in converting my passion for making into an academic pursuit. Heveningham itself played a role in my early design exploration, the first time I was able to get up close to the cars that had inspired me so much. Being from East Anglia, I take great pride in being sponsored by an institution so close to home. Engaging with design in a rural area is incredibly difficult, with opportunities to see the role designers play few and far between. Heveningham changes that, and I feel incredibly privileged to be have the support of an organisation that opens so many opportunities for designers of the future.

Bhushan Deshmukh

It was set in motion with an exceptional opportunity – a full scholarship from Heveningham Concours. I am truly grateful for this scholarship, as the RCA program proved to be transformative. With prior experience in automotive design, I found the RCA program embraced a holistic approach to future intelligent mobility, broadening my horizons and encouraging me to think deeply about brand identity and mobility concepts.

While finishing my studies, I received an exciting job offer from Group Lotus, an iconic British automaker. Currently, I am an automotive designer at Lotus working in the interior design team, where I actively contribute to innovative interior concepts for future lifestyle and sports car products destined for global markets. The opportunity to shape the future of mobility and design at Lotus aligns perfectly with my passion and expertise.

My career trajectory from RCA to Lotus Design has been nothing short of fulfilling. I look forward to contributing to the dynamic and ever-evolving field of automotive design.

Shown to the right are some examples of work from my final project titled, ‘ Beyond the Long Haul’.